Raw Nation Whole Foods was born from a lineage of Italian food lovers out of a desire to ignite a love of fresh quality produce and products among everyday Australia’s.

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Fruit Salads & Snacks

Our ready-to-eat range is perfect as a school lunchbox snack, mid-morning or afternoon tea break treat.

We cut and peel fresh fruit and vegetables so you can enjoy while you are on-the-go. Our convenient range of salads includes a fork, making snacking easy.

Aloha Pineapple


You’ll find nothing but fresh, natural and delicious pineapple from farms and growers

Fresh N Frutti


Available in a range of sizes, this rainbow mix of freshly cut and ready to eat fruit are

Rock On Melon


You will never have to cut and peel rockmelon again! Enjoy bite sized pieces of juicy,

Sweet Surprise


With rockmelon, red and green grapes, pineapple, strawberries, mandarins, apples

Watermelon Crush


Enjoy juicy, sweet and fresh watermelon, perfect for a snack all year round.

Traditional Hommous and Carrots


Enjoy crisp carrots and a tasty dip that makes this vegan treat easy to enjoy and the

Crudo High Protein Range

Our great tasting, high protein salad range are made fresh daily so you can enjoy the freshest vegetables with the benefits of increased protein in your meal.

With recipes that taste great, increasing your protein consumption and enjoying great tasting food has never been easier.

The high protein range are put together using local produce sourced from farms across South Australia and Australia.

Chicken Caesar

Contains: Egg | Wheat | Fish | Milk

This classic Caesar salad recipe tastes just like you would make it at home. With chicken

Turkey Club


High in protein and using fresh and tasty ingredients, this salad is crisp and

Julius Caesar

Contains: Egg | Milk | Wheat | Fish

This Caesar salad recipe includes tasty ingredients that make eating salad, easy.

Jamaican Jerk

Contains: Wheat | Egg | Soy | Sulphites

Enjoy a fresh and tasty salad with grilled Jamaican Jerk chicken, cherry tomatoes

Crudo Classics Range

Made fresh daily, these salads make fruit and vegetables the hero of meals.

Made from locally sourced Australian and South Australian ingredients, these salads can be enjoyed at any time of the day and are a great combination of fresh ingredients that make enjoying a salad, easy.

Insalata Di Zucca

Contains: Milk | Sulphites

This traditional Italian salad is fresh and full of flavour.

Southwestern Cobb

Contains: Egg

This leaf-based salad contains classic ingredients that are fresh and wholesome.

Healthy Habits

Contains: Milk

This rice salad includes all the best Mediterranean ingredients.

Crudo Superfoods Range

Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these leaf-based salads are loaded with ingredients and combinations that not only taste great but satisfy your tastebuds.

Our combinations use produce sourced from farms across Australia and are perfect for individuals who are looking to enjoy healthy and flavoursome salads.

Vegan Buddah Bowl

Contains: Sesame

Loaded with a combination of superfoods, this power bowl contains everything you need to

Bocadilla Range

Our cheeky range of salads have a variety of flavours that can be enjoyed by everyone at any time of the year.

With flavour profiles designed to tantalise your tastebuds, the newest additions to our salad range are delicious and are a satisfying and filling on-the-go option.

These salads are perfect if you enjoy wholesome snacks and meals.

Ranch Pasta

Contains: Wheat | Milk | Egg | Sulphites

The ranch pasta is a delicious and wholesome ready-made meal that can be eaten if

Classic Chicken Pasta

CONTAINS: Wheat | Soy | EGG

The chicken pasta uses a mix of fresh ingredients that come from the South Australian Produce

Beetroot Couscous


This beetroot and couscous combination are a fresh and tasty lunch alternative that is designed

Mediterranean Shell Pasta


The vegetarian pasta is a delicious and authentic Mediterranean ready-made meal.

Egg & Potato Salad


With an iconic combination of ingredients, this egg and potato salad is a homemade style